Meet Donna

Hi, I am so excited that you have decided to see who I am. 

What is my blog about you say???   It about me, The things I create, what I feel, what I think and what I imagine life to be.. I want to share with you all of these things,  so perhaps we could be come great friends..

I want to voice my opinion, to share the love I have , to experience the joy I feel, the passion I have, to share my recipes and all my craft ideas, and for you to say "wow I want to know this woman".....

What you should know about me:

My mum was very creative and I guess I inherited that from her..I have always loved to Create and the ideas sometimes come fast, other times I seem to have mind blocks lol

I am married to my wonderful husband Stephen who is also my best friend. We have been together for 25 years and we met at a party.. I do need to be honest and say I couldn't remember him at the party due to the amount of people there lol..
We did meet up the next day though and he told me I made quiet an impression on him..

To say I was completely surprised well, here we are 25 years later lol...

Did I mention he loves fishing....We have a 22 foot Huntsman boat and he was  insistent that I get a licence for so I could drive and he could fish.. I love it..

We have had some interesting times like when I was sea sick and hanging over the side and the waves were washing the yuk stuff back in my face and my darling hubby says "do you want me to stop the boat here until your finished".. my first thought was GET ME TO SHORE, my second thought 'you stop the boat old man and I will throw YOU over board'..

We built our house right in the middle of 18 acres with big windows to look out on the view of wonderful trees  and bush and tons of birdlife.. I made a birdbath and spend endless hours watching them play in it..
I come from a big family of 13.  We lived in a little country town where everyone knew each other and you could leave the doors open and the keys in your car, where you knew your neighbour and you helped each other through the tough times..

I have 8 brothers and believe me growing up with them meant I was a toughie kind of kid.. We all had nick names,my sister Dianne's (face painted below in picture) name became balls due to the fact of knocking out a boy when he touched her on the knee (she is the comedian) I am the serious one whom everyone seems to turn to .. My nickname was 'Blondie' due to my hair being so long ( I use to sit on it) and was totally blonde..

In our house it was the survival of the loudest lol...As you can see below there are some of us missing, made for a quieter night but not much lol..

I adore all of my eight grandchildren and my two great grandsons; I know I know I look way to young for great grandkids hehe, but I am..

They keep me young - (ok honestly, they keep me tired, the cupboards are always empty and the house is full of laughter and love).. Each has their own personality which makes them unique and I adore them all.. 

Just a few photos to show you..

                                       My latest granddaughter Charlie..Isn't she a cutie.

My grandsons Blake and Harley

My granddaughter Aimee

                                                  My granddaughter Astaria

MY great grandson Kobi
My great grandson Jack

My granddaughter Samantha and her boy Jack

 My granddaughter Caitlyn

I have lots and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins so all in all a huge, huge family and I love it.

My hobbies, which I have many, include reading (nearly anything), writing poetry (not very good ), scrapbooking and many many numerous crafts, cooking (love making jams, chutney's and cakes),
watching dvd's (love going to the movies), and people watching.

Only some of the jams and chutney I make..

My favourite movies would have to be Star Trek (all of them) as I am a Trekki and all the Alien movies and I love Forest Gump and Toy Story and Notting Hill and and and and  the list keeps going on lol..

I am not a physical person at all, though do love to have a slow walk near the water.


I would love to see into the future at the marvels we will be inventing and the exploration we will be doing in our universe .. I think it will be wonderful..

As for me personally, I want to see my grandchildren get married and have children, I want to see a thousand movies, I want to read a thousand books,  I want to see all of Australia, I want to CREATE...