Fun with the Camera

I love taking photos and I think I must be in the thousands with photos of my family. My husband brought me a brilliant camera last year and I love it.. I really enjoy taking photos of nature and unusual things like the bark of a tree or a piece of rusted tin.

I am strange so my children inform me, though what is beauty but in the eye of the beholder..

                      The sunset from my front door tonight... Isn't it a wonderful thing to see...

This photo was taken in Western Australia. I had to get down on my elbows and knees to take this shot and I must say I did get some strange looks from the towns people in their main street..

This tree looks like a parrot to me what do you think??

                         I loved staying here at a little place called Sandy Cape in Western Australia
                            we stayed there for 5 days and we will be going back next year when we
                              start travelling again..

This photo was taken on side of the road. We had stopped for something to eat and I just had to take this photo. Can you see the ant... 

How wonderful is this photo and so very sad. It is a tribute to the H.M.S.A Sydney, each bird represents the life lost when the ship was sunk in November 1941..

I love this, to me it is a female bear with something on her shoulders..

 My kids think I am totally nuts to take a photo of rusted tin.. But I like it heaps.

How pretty is this flower..
What a wonderful contrast of colours don't you think..

 Ok I do not know what this bird is but I would not like to be too close to it..
Sunset at Sandy Cape beach..

Again at Sandy Cape. I loved walking over these rocks as they were so interesting..

On the Nullarbor we found lots of these nests.. This one looked like a big fat face..

Can you see the two bees on this fantastic bottle brush..
 While in Broome we went down to the beach with some friends to watch the sunset
and as we were waiting a camel ride tour walked past. Brilliant shot I think..

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park at Broome, wouldn't this be scary if was real..

This big boy was real and we were only inches apart when I took this photo. He was huge and very scary..

I really like this photo, not sure what the flower was but I called it the pom pom flower. I seen this while travelling in Western Australia.

I do not know what happened to this photo, but it is certainly spooky. I was trying to take a photo of the moon..

Wall of Remembrance in Canberra.
My heart broke to see how many poppy's there were..

This was hanging on wires at the entrance at the Museum in Canberra. It looks like it is hanging in the air doesn't it.  

The tower also in Canberra.. My hubby went to the top to see the view but me being the chicken that I am stayed down on the ground to take the pictures lol..

The BIG RAM, this was huge and hallow inside. You could walk up the stairs to see out over the area. Again I was to scared to go up top. I am a chicken after all ..

We stayed here under the bridge and because we were so close to the water I had a nightmare through the night that the water had risen and we floated away, caravan and all.. I actually got up and had a look outside the door to see where the water line was lol..

Looking over Canberra I realised how big it was... 


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