Sunday, 28 May 2017

Our Trip So Far...

Hi all, Just giving you an update on our travels so far..  Not a lot happening with the crafty side of things but I have enjoyed visiting some lovely places that I thought I would share with you..

I love this photo of my hubby Stephen in front of the plane.. This photo was taken just as we entered Forbes..

We stayed down on the river front in Forbes and my how wonderful it was.. We were lucky to catch up with some old friends Charlie and Lorraine from Forbes.. Lots of laughter were to be had.

On we travelled to a place called Coonamble. Just outside of there is a little place called Nakadoo Farm that we stayed at for a night.. Wow, we had the place to ourselves and the host Karen was wonderful.. She made a fire for us and after we found out she was a Mrs Whippy lady , well of course we had to have a whippy ice cream..

Be careful of the outside dunny as there is a mighty huge 'Red Back on the Toilet Seat Last Night'.. Sorry couldn't help myself, it is a song and an old one at that lol.. There is tons of items dating back to the 1800's so worth a look for sure..

Up to Lightning Ridge we go and lo and behold we see this fella 'Stanley' who is a 18 meter Emu made from scrap metal including a car body..

We are just setting up camp here and must admit was looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa..

Will keep you all updated and hopefully will get some of them crafty items in soon lol.

Donna xxxx

Friday, 19 May 2017

First week of Around Australia.

First week of Travelling around Australia...

Just popping in to say HI to you all..

We have arrived in Numurkah in Victoria to say with friends of ours Debbie and Rodney.
They own a hotel and have offered us a room to stay in while we visit..  ( yep so not camping ) LOL..
And Debbie is a great cook so she cooks all our meals, (I wash the dishes)..

How lucky are we!!

I have been asked by a web site if I would write some articles while travelling, of course I said yes straight away without thinking.. So off I go in Numurkah and talk to some people who are running a community craft shop and yak yak yak to them and it wasn't until I get back to the Motel that I realized I had stumbled all the way through asking them questions but I had not asked them the 'RIGHT' questions..

Are there RIGHT questions you ask and I would have to say yes there is..
First off, with what subject am I knowledgeable  and comfortable with?
What would I want to know? 
How do I go about finding it? and so on..

So now I am sitting down to compose a set of questions and a proper way of communicating to you the public what I wish to convey.. 

Does this sound like holidaying to you?? ME neither lol..

Be safe out there people and will be brining you updates soon with photos ..

Donna xx

OH NO Crafting Already...

Hi all, how are we on this lovely day??
Well it is our first week away from Tasmania and we have landed in Numurkah..
Friends, Debbie and Rodney, own a motel here and wanted us to visit.
Wow, talk about busy.. Debbie has dragged me to Shepparton, yes you guessed it,
to Lincraft, Spotlight and many other craft shops..

Have only brought a little as my hubby threatened to leave me here if I brought too much lol.. We wont tell him about the bag under the bed in the caravan will we, HAHA HEHE (maniacal evil laughter)..

Here is a picture of the El Toro Motel where we have a very lovely room with showers, ensuite, television, kitchen and a queen bed. Can you see our van parked outside the room!!

Debbie is a fantastic seamstress, so she showed me how to cover books with material.
Here are my attempts.. As yet to be embellished.. Not only did I love making them but it uses up bits of scraps that Debbie had - thank you Debbie..

These are plain notebooks that I intend to write "things" in on the road.. (you notice I say intend lol).
One will be a recipe book as Debbie is showing me how to make very interesting different curry paste's. Did I mention she is a great cook as well!! So much talent sigh!!! lol.

The book with the cover (Happy is the House), was a brilliant find at the op shop for one whole dollar.. I cut the gorgeous cover off the book and sewed it on the front of the material using a blanket stich and created a false cover for the book with heavy cardstock..

This book has wonderful poems and quotes for friends and around the home.. 

My five books, love the materials I used..

I ask you to not look too close because there is tons of mistakes lol..
Oh by the way I picked up all the ribbon for $1.00 at spotlight (bargain).. 

I just could not help myself, so my hubby said, not even one week in to the trip and I have started crafting already, HeHe.

Its never too late to learn and create new things..
Be safe and wonderful crafting
Donna xx 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Three Quick Little Tutorials..

Hi All, Today I have three quick little tutorials for you which I use all the time..
They are useful to know and are very cost efficient as well which is a bonus.. 
1st ... You can do this with most ribbon, lace and material strips.
Example here is a leaf ribbon that has been wrapped around a cardboard holder which has warped and twisted the leaves and stem.. 
I simply use a heated tiny hair straightener to straighten it out.

As you can see here, wonderfully straight and fresh looking ...

2nd... Money saving for sure on this one..
Good 3D foam tape cost a fortune so to cut expenses I use old cardboard.
Pizza boxes are ideal ( thanks Aunty Vera).

Just cut smaller than the panel you are using, adhere with
normal glue. (I use Tombow Multi Glue). Then simply adhere to your
project... Same as 3D foam tape but cheaper..

A top view, you can just see the cardboard from this angle.

As you can see, it does the same job as 3D foam tape by lifting the panel..

3rd... Three items is all you need for this one..
 Water spray, Ink (I like Distress Ink) and whatever you would like
to colour..
Tap the ink pad on a smooth surface spray with water. Wet the ribbon
 as well, I have used Seam Binding here..

Roll the wet item around in the ink puddle to soak up all the ink.

Ta Da, You now have the ribbon to match your project..
Buy white and you can colour it any colour to match. Saves heaps of money..
Lace works as well as Gauze, just remember to wet the item before inking..
Spray inks will do the same only you get a stronger colour..
Use a heat gun to dry if you are in a hurry (will go lighter in colour).

I have been published...

YAH!, I have been published in the Creative Papercraft magazine for the second time ..I am so excited..  I love this magazine, not only because I am in it but because it has so much to offer..
There is projects, hints, tips, ideas and examples which I love.
AND I am on the front cover, yep you can see my pizza style box I made with the flowers as decorations. How cool is that !!

Here is a picture to show on page 70 you will see these cards and a tutorial on how to make them yourselves..

On page 34 is a tutorial for the pizza box... Simple as..

Pretty don't you think..

My Mothers Day cards to place in the box and a tutorial for the flowers which I must say thank you to Sandi Louise for your inspiration.

And what about this, my card is the preview for the next issue. How exciting is that !!

Do yourself a favour, go out and buy this magazine, it really does have so much to offer. Each issues has the wonderful Elaine Heinrich showcasing all the new and old techniques. I guarantee you will love it..
I hope I have inspired you to create wonderful things
Donna xx