Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Box of Invites for Coffee & Cake - AVSC

Hi all,
Don't you love this months kit Coffee & Friends, I do..
Today I have a box of small invites for you to send to friends for Coffee/ Tea and cake yummm..
 Box - Cut 9 1/2 inches x 5 1/4 inches
Score at 1in, 4 1/4in, 5 1/4in, 8 1/2in 
Turn and score at 1in, 4 1/4in 
Cut as shown in photo, take a little wedge out of each tab in the centre to make it easier to fold.

Place adhesive as shown.

I usually place all my mats on except the inside sides before I fold.
Mats measure 3in x 3in -cut 3 ..(1 for cover and 2 for inside)
3in x 3/4in - Cut 11 (6 inside and 5 outside)
Ink all the edges including the box.

Inside of box

Adhere the tabs to the sides of the box including the middle tabs..

I forgot to adhere the middle tabs, so I had to lift the paper up to do so.
This is not the way to do it lol..

This is the way to do it, both the front tab and the middle tab are adhered down on the sides then the panel is placed on the top to cover it.. See neat!!

Cut six note cards at 3in x 6in.
Score at 3in.

Cut 18 mats at 2 3/4in x 2 3/4in
I stamped a lot of my own mats using the stamps from the kit
using Clearly Kelly stamp pad from an earlier kit HERE

Inside the cards..

Mats on the top and sides of box..

Box opened with mats inside.. I placed mats on all 4 bottom sides and only on the 2 side on the top of the box due to the snug fit of the box..

I placed a little scrap cardboard on the backs of the coffee cups die cuts (say that fast lol). This simply gives the cups a little height and saves me lots of foam tape..

The front of the cards with the gorgeous washie tape from the kit..

I cut the little coffee cups from the washie tape to add to the stamped images inside the cards..

I haven't decorated too much here as I wanted to write my invitations by hand to my friends for a get together with Tea and Cake in my case lol..

Front of the cards.. I think they look wonderful.. The cups look light here but are in fact a caramel colour.. 

All the cards in the box..

A close up of the top of the box.. I used a sticker from the sticker sheet included in the kit and fussy cut words from a piece of the paper. I also painted Scattered Straw Distress Ink on the cups to give a little colour.. It looks light in these photos but is a lovely caramel in real life ..  

I love how this little set turned out..

I hope I have inspired you 
to create glorious things.

Donna xx

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Monday, 11 June 2018

My Magical Pass Book Finished..

Hi all,
Well I did it, my Magical Book is finally finished.. Wow, what a huge project it turned out to be.. 
I loved not only how it looks but actually making it from scratch..
I hope you like it as well..

The closure is a bracelet I brought from Ebay, isn't it just wonderful..

We all love Cornish Pixies right?? I fussy cut a Cornish Pixie and made the wings 3D. 

Who doesn't love a find a word puzzle..

This book would not be finished if we didn't add Dobby..

Yep this describes me so totally.. 

They grew into adults as we watched.. 

All the books, all the spells we could know!!

I had to include the news, ( I wished mine would move sigh!!)..

The four houses; Ravenclaw and Slythrin..

Gryffindor and Hufflepuff..

Which house are you in?

I wonder where the 9 3/4 platform is??

Demintors, a vital part of this book I think!!

The sorting Hat, where do you think the Sorting Hat would have placed you..

The four house colours..

I so would not have wanted to drink the Polyjuice Potion; have you read the ingredients? Gross!!

So which wand do you think would accept you..
I fussy cut the butterfly and coloured it in using fingernail polish.

I read this page and yet did not understand a word of it as too advanced for me!

I'm going to Honey Dukes, will see you there!

After all this time? Always!!

Where are you going to get your Uniform? 

A Magical Day and fraught with Bravery indeed... 

Yes! I am going to have a go at the wand movements lol 

Though you cannot see it the key is actually 3D with glimmer over the wings..

How true Professor Dumbledore..

I must catch the train..


My completed book...

A few wands we made one afternoon.. 

I hope I have inspired you
to create glorious things
Donna xx