Wednesday, 15 November 2017

We Are Home...

Yah we are home!! after six months of travelling around this gorgeous country of ours (and still not seeing even a fraction of it), we finally arrived back in Tassie yesterday..
We caught the Tasmania TT Lines ship home and it was smooth sailing all the way.  The ship is not huge in the entertainment section by any means yet I still managed to get lost trying to find a hot chocolate drink lol..

I loved our trip though did have some moments when I thought I want to go home not because of home sickness but because of breakdowns and things needing to be fixed, travel is after all not without its drawbacks sighh. Which is a bummer really as that is what I think of first as I looked back on the trip and not all the wonderful thing we had seen and done.  My son Saul said at least its a trip you wont forget and as to that he is spot on..

Anyways enough about that for the moment let me show you some wonderful pictures I had taken then I will get on to showing you what I created on the road.. Some places just blew my mind and others I thought WTH is with that and others again just WOW.

just a taste of the thousands of photos I have yet to go through and place in their folders.. 

Donna xx

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Three Weeks

Three weeks to go then we will be home. Sometimes it seems as if we have only been on the road a few weeks then at other times it feels like years, go figure lol..

We have seen so much and yet so little of our beautiful country of Australia.. Ayers Rock or Uluru as it is now known was just jaw dropping awe-ness. This huge rock out in the middle of no where brilliant!!

There are so many places that I loved that I will have to go back in my photos to have a look,
The amazing beaches we have seen and swum in has just been wonderful.

I havent had lots of service available to me as we have been free parking, in some cases the middle of no-where lol, so to keep this updated has been impossible. I do have a million zasquillion photos to show you as soon as I can figure out how to get them off my iphone lol.

Be safe out there.
Hugs Donna xx

Friday, 4 August 2017

Still Travelling

Well we are still travelling on the road and have seen some wonderful places and met some wonderful people.. Here are a few photos while travelling..

 Inskip Point Rainbow Beach.

A gorgeous sunset at Rainbow Beach

Seventy Seventy

We really are having a wonderful time...

My Stuff in the Magazine YAH!!

Well I am now published in the Creative Papercrafe magazine for the third time and I am totally chuffed...                    
I am on the front cover and think it is wonderful..

As you can this month was Some Thing For the Boys.. I chose masculine cards from Tim Holtz products..

And for the Mixed Media, I went with Artist Trading Cards ATC. which I totally loved putting together..

I had so much fun creating these cards for this magazine..

Do you self a favour go buy the magazine, itis filled with new products, templates, ideas, tutorials, and showcases tons of new mediums and how to use them.. By far the BEST mag on the market..

I hope I have helped you
create gorgeous things..

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Our Boys

We reached Queensland and finally caught up to our son Saul and our gorgeous grandsons Blake and Harley.. We celebrated Harley's 7th birthday and will celebrate Blake's 9th birthday on the 17th. 

We decided to take Harley shopping for his present and finally 3 hours later he decided on this little thing that I haven't seen him with since lol..
On the other side Blake wants tons of things, all which cost a fortune lol..

We have so enjoyed seeing the boys and they have grown so much that before long we will turn around and they will have grown to young adults and will no longer want to hang out with nan and pop .. sighhh!! 

I would say which one is the cheeky one but to be honest they both are lol..

Donna xx