Fun Scrappin

Scrapbooking, I use this form of 'art' to showcase the things that really matter to me..

My darling hubby when he had dark hair ( it is now more grey), while we had a trip to the beach..
2nd page to the above photo, I love both of these as they are simple, informative and the photos are the main focus..

Saul and Stephen diving for crayfish and abs, was a lovely day and what great photos ..

I like this natural layout of Stephen, he suits this kind of style ..

A few years ago while were travelling around WA. sitting at a lookout overlooking the ocean, was a wonderful day xx

Things I love, what else is there to say !!

Aimee learning to swim, I love the colours in this layout and the little pockets with info in them finishes the page..

Miss Charlie as a new born, isn't she just so serious in this photo and now she is cheeky and a smiley tops..

I love these photos of Charlie as they show her personality, full of laughter and smiles..

I finally started on little miss Astaria scrapbook. I haven't done many pages as yet but here are a few that I have done.. All different, I'm not sure how you would describe my style really as I kind of mix them up though I lean more towards clean and minimal  I think... 

I adore these photos of Astaria, this is when she started to play in muddy puddles (of course you cannot keep her out of them now lol, but the photos show all of her emotions having mud on her hands...

I love this dress on her and because it is so colourful and busy I decided on a simple and clean page.. A cool chick...

Snow here at home this winter of 2016. Charlie and Astaria's first one.. Astaria thought it was wonderful and poppy even made her a real snow cone.. Charlie wasn't real keen on the idea of snow..

Astaria built a snowman and it was placed on facebook when a paper in England picked it up and run it in their paper as a feature.. Our carrot is now famous though I am afraid he is no longer with us lol..

                 Little miss Astaria is full of cheek in this photo, I think it is perfect..

 I love these two scrap pages of Krystal pregnant with Charlie, I must admit I really like the simplicity of them..
You know I didn't have anything with bananas in Pyjamas on it so this was a real challenge for me. 
 Again I prefer to scrap with a simple style and think this page is wonderful. I stamped the sea horses and shells , coloured , shaped and cut them out, looks great I reckon..

Astaria's first boat ride and I have to be honest this photo does not do justice to this page with its gorgeous papers..

 Astaria as a new born, lots of pink being a little girl, now she is such a tom boy this should have been constructed in blue lol 

I just love this page of Astaria and her dad on the beach. Plain and simple I think it works with the photo as the main focus.


                                                           ..Genuine You..

                                     I like this page, it's casual and who we are.

I made these flowers and must admit I love them..

Cow Girl
My two cheeky granddaughters Samantha and Caitlyn having a laugh and the way they used to fight , its probably a good thing the guns are fake lol 

Again I made these flowers. I think they suit the page as I used the same paper as I did for the background so it all matches..

Sharing a Moment
The photo does not do this page justice, It really is a lovely page to look at. My three sisters Shirley, Wanda, Dianne and myself.

And yes I did make these flowers as well ..

Love Laugh Live
I love the simplicity of this layout of my cousin Julie and myself.

A little stamping and stitching just brought it all together.. 

My grandmother and grandfather Thorpe. They were very formal people and both were 6ft tall but if you looked at my dad you wouldn't have thought so as he was short lol

I tea died the lace and ribbons on this layout to give it an aged look..

This layout is of my four brothers, twins Wayne and Warren, brothers Ricky and Peter and a lady called Beth. They all went in a ride - athon to raise money for Beth.
I used real feathers on the wing of the bird and the nest.

A Picture
I just adore this photo of four of my children Brendan, Cindy, Kryshia and Saul.. It is so natural and they are all smiling which is great.

I distressed the page and sewed a little on two of the edges as well as a little thick embossing around the page. I also embossed the words.

A is for Aimee
Isn't this just so pretty. I love this photo of my granddaughter Aimee.

I made little strips of all the things she liked, disliked and about her to place in the pockets on the side of the layout..

Girl Guides
Simple but very effective showing Aimee in the Girl Guides. I really like how the three bottom photos all link together which was a very happy accident..
I stitched panels on the layout and added tags to showcase the photos. 

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