Sunday, 8 June 2014

My first post on our trip..

well we are at Numurkah in Victoria, staying with our friends Rodney and Debbie Seen who own the El Toro motel.. The have kindly invited us to stay at the hotel with them and I must admit we are being spoiled shockingly.. (I am totally loving it lol)..

Today they took us to a town that is called Echuca, what a wonderful and busy place that was.. Wow, tons of shops and a market in which I brought some scarves.. I fell in love with the town but I still love my New Norfolk in Tasmania.

We had a look at the paddle steamers which was there by the dozens (what a shock) that was.. Then I tried some different ports (which I think made me a little wossy) but yumo anyway.. think me is kicking my self for not getting the white chocolate port sighhhh, oh maybe for the best lol..

Had a brilliant day all around..

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