Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Helooo !!

Hi all, well its nearly February and I have to ask where did January go??? Seriously the 1st was here then I turned around and now its the 27th !!

Lots already happening in this month, lots of doctors appointment, kids gone back to mainland (totally depressing). We decided on a date to go to the mainland travelling 7th May we ferry on out of Tassie to see what the rest of Australia is up to..

I am trying to cut down on what I take so I am making kits up of my cards and things to take with me. I thought this would be easier than trying to take half a craft room lol..

I'm back in hospital on the 18th February for my neck operation, I'm just hoping it will be ok to travel..

Going to miss the grandkids like crazy, not so much their parents lol..

Be safe all and will again have a yak soon!!!!

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