Thursday, 24 November 2016


OH MY GOODNESS Christmas is nearly here.. What happened to the middle of the year?, One moment it was January and the next it is nearly December; what on earth did I do this year????

Lets see:

I had a small holiday for a week up at St Helen's at home in Tassie.
I had a major operation to repair my neck.
I celebrated the birth of a new granddaughter Emmie Rose.
I had a holiday to visit my gorgeous two grandsons Harley and Blake in Queensland for three weeks who I miss so much and of course their dad (my son) Saul- boys come first of course lol.
I had and have some health concerns that is slowing fixing itself Yah!!
I have had some craft classes with some friends and have been accepted as a member of a design team for My Besties Aussie Challenge Blog..
I have celebrated?? a birthday, sooo getting old..
I said goodbye to my cousin Julie and Graham who decided to go travelling around our wonderful country Australia.
I am making plans to travel next year..
Did I mention I had a birthday and am soooo old??
I have been to the cinema a few times to see some great movies.
I have read some great books and not so great ones and I have watched some brilliant movies and some shockers..
I broke a curtain rod, broke a chair, broke lots of things now I think about it lol.

Wow when you think about it, what have I really done!!! Oh did I mention my mind is going, my eyesight is poor, I have a hearing aid and I limp and I am getting old LOL..

Oh well bring on 2017 as that is the year I am going to develop muscles, run a marathon, get fit, travel lots, meet new friends, create and make new things, hug my hubby and kids more, have a huge clean out and enjoy life more..

NOW I must finish making my Christmas cards and table decorations for this year. I must get my list ready for the food I need. I must finish buying the pressies for the tribe. I must do a spring clean. I must put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house. I must get my Elf on the Shelf ready (first year).. I must, I must, I must, goodness me have I enough time now to finish it all! I must .... lol

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