Thursday, 4 May 2017

Three Quick Little Tutorials..

Hi All, Today I have three quick little tutorials for you which I use all the time..
They are useful to know and are very cost efficient as well which is a bonus.. 
1st ... You can do this with most ribbon, lace and material strips.
Example here is a leaf ribbon that has been wrapped around a cardboard holder which has warped and twisted the leaves and stem.. 
I simply use a heated tiny hair straightener to straighten it out.

As you can see here, wonderfully straight and fresh looking ...

2nd... Money saving for sure on this one..
Good 3D foam tape cost a fortune so to cut expenses I use old cardboard.
Pizza boxes are ideal ( thanks Aunty Vera).

Just cut smaller than the panel you are using, adhere with
normal glue. (I use Tombow Multi Glue). Then simply adhere to your
project... Same as 3D foam tape but cheaper..

A top view, you can just see the cardboard from this angle.

As you can see, it does the same job as 3D foam tape by lifting the panel..

3rd... Three items is all you need for this one..
 Water spray, Ink (I like Distress Ink) and whatever you would like
to colour..
Tap the ink pad on a smooth surface spray with water. Wet the ribbon
 as well, I have used Seam Binding here..

Roll the wet item around in the ink puddle to soak up all the ink.

Ta Da, You now have the ribbon to match your project..
Buy white and you can colour it any colour to match. Saves heaps of money..
Lace works as well as Gauze, just remember to wet the item before inking..
Spray inks will do the same only you get a stronger colour..
Use a heat gun to dry if you are in a hurry (will go lighter in colour).

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