Monday, 25 June 2018

Emergency Box - Coffee & Friends - AVSC

Hi all,
How are we today?  I have a cute little coffee emergency box to show you. 
It is small enough to place in your bag for a 'just in case'.  
I actually seen this box somewhere and thought I wonder? So with only memory to go by I created this one for my DT project for Aunty Vera Scrap & Craft..
I always try to cut all my pieces first so it is easier to put together..
I inked all the edges using the Clearly Kelly Coffee & Donuts ink set.

Cut a piece of cardboard at 7 1/2in x 4in
Score 1 1/4in, 2in, 3 1/4in, 4 3/4in, 6in.

Cut 2 pieces of cardboard at 5in x 2 1/4in
Score 5/8in all 4 sides.
Cut to each score line and make a notch as shown.

I cut a shaped edge with scissors so I could shut the box without bulk.

For the cover cut 2 pieces of paper at 7 1/2in x 4in .
Cover the front of the base before cutting the slits.

I also cut a slit at each end to thread the ribbon through as shown below,
then cover the inside of the cover..

Cut 4 pieces of paper at 1/2in x 3 5/8in for each box.
Cut 4 pieces of paper at 1/2in x 7/8in for each box.
Cover the outside boxes as shown.

Cover the inside of the boxes as shown.
Middle strip measures 1in x 3 5/8in.

Put the boxes together.

Cover the ends with a strip of paper.

Look good don't they..

 All ready to put together.. Love, Love that washie tape, can you tell lol..

Mix a little of the Dimensional effects and a drop of distress ink together.

Place all over the front cover using the Splash stencil from the kit..
(I forgot to take a photo of this step sorry).

I made up these tiny sachets with real coffee in them and sealed them using the washie tape.
Look pretty don't they..

Boxes adhered on the base with the coffee sachets..

Fold up and tie the ribbon..

How neat is this.. I drew around the splashes with a white pen to give a little life as it appeared too dark with all the brown.. Even though you cant see it here, I smudged the pen a little with my finger so it wasn't too white lol.. (too dark, then too white).

I used a strong cardboard (below) but found it too hard to do all the folds, so used a back off a card stock pad instead, which worked really well. 

I think the wrong ink is in this bottle don't you! 

I hope I have inspired you to create Glorious things..
Thank you for stopping by..


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