Monday, 12 January 2015

Some news on the home front..

Well Christmas has come and gone and its the start of the new year.. What do I have planned for it??  let me see,
I am going to get fit, there is so much I would like to accomplish this year so I need to be fit to be able to do all of them..
I am going to create more and definitely experiment more, so looking forward to it..
I am going to look for part time work.
I aim to see my friends more so I need to work up the courage to get out and about..
I plan to change my dress sense this year.
I plan on reading more.
I will do more challenges this year..

So my good friend Tracey has talked me into joining her for a stall for the Autumn festival..
I have been busy as up in my studio getting ready for it in April.. I will place some photos on here of what I have made for the festival, so I guess that's a start...

I have also had enquires 'for sale' for the flowers I made, so am looking into that as well.

lt's all go at the moment lol


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