Friday, 22 May 2015

First post for new blog..

Well I am finally here, the start of my new blog, thank you Elley, after much misunderstandings I am now at the start of blogging again..

I am in the process of creating lots of new things, photos up shortly.. Of course I am still having classes in the studio and must say I am loving it.. While not professing to be an expert in anything I make, I do love sharing how I made it and that includes all the mistakes I do as well.. After all that is how we prefect something, by learning from our mistakes..

I am so far behind in my scrap pages, in fact haven't even started on 3 of my grandchildren, (yes slack I know), but I will use illness in my defence.. I did do two pages today of my granddaughter Astaria so I can say officially I have started again YAH...

Tutorials are next in line to start, needing lots of learning to complete the video ones but have all confidence will get there.. The interesting thing I noticed with video tutorials is that most people talk about the project for 3 to 5 minutes, and while that doesn't seem a lot, if you are watching it is..

Looks like I have tons to do so I will say everyone have a brilliant day and find something positive from it..


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