Saturday, 30 May 2015

Scrap Pages for my little girl..

Hello lovely people, I made two more scrap pages for my little granddaughter Astaria.. She is two and I have only just started scrapping her photos. Oh the shame of it lol.
The first page which is Bananas in Pyjamas was a tough one for me due to not having a single thing that has them on it, so I printed the three item and voila.. My daughter Krystal told me that I didn't know the song did I, when I said why she told me that the bananas were 'coming' down the stairs NOT 'walking' as I had written. oh well same thing isn't it? lol
I love this paper of Sun Kissed. I didn't want to cover the page so I simply stamped a few water spots on it and using a circle mask I used a clear embossing paste to give the impression water like effect. Along the photos I stamped a couple of star fish and sea horses, cut them out shaped them and placed on a little stained gauze.. A few tiny real shells and air dried clay shells was enough to finish the embellishments.. A wooden chipboard of a sand castle and the heading and voila its finished. Easy Peasy.
As I have said before the photos are the important thing for me the embellishments are secondary..

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