Thursday, 18 June 2015

Some new scrap pages ...

I have finally got my butt together and started some more scrppin.. I only have about 5 years worth lol...
This one is of Astaria's first boat ride. I love it..
This makes me smile everytime I see it, such a cutie..

I love how this double page works together.. Simple and effective. Krystal pregnant with Astaria..

Brand new baby, just after Astaria was born..

I was told we were a cute couple, I had to smile at that. I'm not sure if my hubby agrees but hey we do love each other so why not lol.

                          I think this page of Astaria and her dad is wonderful.
                                         Looks to simple but I just love it.
I wanted to place on one page all the things I love but didn't realize how much I do.
So the only way was to do small photos around a list.. Easy page..

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