Monday, 30 November 2015

Astaria and Charlie

I love these two girls, they are just beautiful and full of cheekiness and lots of fun.

Astaria learning Charlie how to crawl. Look at how much fun they are having..

This little girl is just too adorable..

Astaria showing nan how to jump in puddles, too bad nan had a big split in her gumboots lol
Look nan this is what you do first.

 We had SNOW !!  Astaria and Charlie's first time. Astaria loved it Charlie not so much. Of course I think mum, nan and pop had more fun showing the girls the snow..

Krystal (mum) showing Charlie snow, I don't think she was too impressed..

Pop made a snowcone for Astaria, her very first and its real snow. She loved it and pop was proud as he thought of it..

Astaria and mum having a snow fight with aunty Shirley, I think they won lol

Pop holding Charlie, I laughed as he tried to protect her little head from the snow lol

Astaria's face after the snowcone. I love this.

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