Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Family Pictures

I love taking photos of my family, I think its a record for the future. A way of saying I was here, look at me, I did exist and this is what I use to do ... I think for awhile I went off the page with what this blog is about. Its not only about crafts, its about me and what I love and that is my family as well..

This is my oldest Brendan, who is full of cheek may I add and a little shit at others lol

My cousin Julie and I are the best of friends.

Cheeky little man Blake, isn't he a good looking boy..

My oldest girl Cindy and her hubby Todd, they have great times together.

Krystal and me of course, Yes I can see some resemblance between us..

My granddaughter Caitlyn will so not be happy that I have shown this photo.lol

Cindy and Samantha, now those two do look alike ..

My middle girl Kryshia, I love her in pink..

Saul and his big brother Brendan, both weirdo's but I do love them dearly.
Saul with his mum and dad when he decided to leave us to move to Queensland. Yes it broke my heart and still does wah wah..

Little Darling Harley, Had eye surgery to correct his eyes and yes was a success. Don't you just want to hold them and hug them until they feel better.

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