Tuesday, 20 December 2016

End of Year..

Well as we wind down to the end of this year, I look back and see what, if, anything I have accomplished was worthwhile... I have to be honest I have been looking after my granddaughters quite a bit and though it totally knackers me at the end of the day I have enjoyed it..

I think it has helped me not only with wayward emotions but also fitness levels as I seem to be running around a lot chasing them lol..

Have I made any huge inroads towards my crafting side then yes it seems I have.. I have been selected on several Design Teams and have even been requested to summit projects for a magazine which I hope to do so soon..

I have also opened/ started a youtube channel, though I don't have any uploads of videos as yet. I plan on doing so within this week. YAH go me lol... I do have some to upload but need to edit a bit more which again was a new learning curve for me.. It seems I have had a lot of first's this year..

I feel a bit sad this year has ended as I was planning on doing so many more things but in another way I am glad to be starting off fresh for next year..

I have had family drama's, health issues and financial problems but the one constant in my life is my hubby that has supported me through out not only this year but all the one's before it.. He is my best friend and I do love the old fart that he is..   

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and wonderful New Year.. Be safe out there and enjoy all life's wonderful gifts..


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