Thursday, 12 January 2017

A Yak about Computer Stuff...

Well today I am going to have a yak about 'Stuff'.
When I first started this computer stuff, I never for one moment thought I would have several Facebook accounts, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, My OWN Youtube account; accounts with tons of organisations, groups and friends with hundreds of people.. 

Oh My Goodness who am I now!! 

I have gone from a person who reads books to having a Kindle White e-reader , a person who loves hand writing to typing everything; a person who likes to speak proper English to using modern jargon lol, wth, gmab and so on..  It's like we are using a new language and when my grand-kids come up to me and start talking I have no idea what they are saying, well that is a true sign of me getting 'old' isn't it.. 

And what about computers, in this day and age you need to use them
in everything you do, you cant get a job unless you know
how to use them. And what about the kids of the day, hand writing is now forgotten, spelling is gone (auto check) , and people are becoming anti social due to staying at home using the computer for everything including
ordering groceries on line.
 There is no need to go out of your own home now.. 
Now saying all that it has opened up a whole new world for others, they are not so lonely now and some people have even found love; How Wonderful is that... 

And don't forget YOUTUBE, Love Love youtube , the best of all. A place you can learn anything you want to and what about Pinterest, Oh happy days indeed..

I don't think there is a day that goes past that I don't use the computer Sighh!!
And the worst thing for me now is I want a bigger and faster computer lol..

Enjoy all your computing people...


Donna xx

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