Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Trip For Me...

Hi all, Well the time is nearly here for me to head off on my trip around Australia. My hubby and I decided to pack up for the winter in Tassie and head to the mainland.. 

We went to WA a few years ago and up to Qld but it wasn't long enough and to be honest I think we became home sick lol..

We were going a couple of years ago but my back decided to throw in the towel and so I had a back operation and then a neck operation so we didn't get to go.. Hubby is not well now but he said "Donna, we are going and that's it".  He's the boss or at least I let him think that lol.  But in all seriousness if we don't go now I don't think we will ever go so its pack up the van, let the daughter move in and head off..

There is still so much to do before the 13th of May but I know we will get there.. Now if anyone would like to meet up for a coffee while on my travels just pm me and hopefully we can do that..

I will be posting photos of my travels when in service so keep an eye out for me..

Take care people and see some of you soon

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