Friday, 19 May 2017

First week of Around Australia.

First week of Travelling around Australia...

Just popping in to say HI to you all..

We have arrived in Numurkah in Victoria to say with friends of ours Debbie and Rodney.
They own a hotel and have offered us a room to stay in while we visit..  ( yep so not camping ) LOL..
And Debbie is a great cook so she cooks all our meals, (I wash the dishes)..

How lucky are we!!

I have been asked by a web site if I would write some articles while travelling, of course I said yes straight away without thinking.. So off I go in Numurkah and talk to some people who are running a community craft shop and yak yak yak to them and it wasn't until I get back to the Motel that I realized I had stumbled all the way through asking them questions but I had not asked them the 'RIGHT' questions..

Are there RIGHT questions you ask and I would have to say yes there is..
First off, with what subject am I knowledgeable  and comfortable with?
What would I want to know? 
How do I go about finding it? and so on..

So now I am sitting down to compose a set of questions and a proper way of communicating to you the public what I wish to convey.. 

Does this sound like holidaying to you?? ME neither lol..

Be safe out there people and will be brining you updates soon with photos ..

Donna xx

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