Wednesday, 15 November 2017

We Are Home...

Yah we are home!! after six months of travelling around this gorgeous country of ours (and still not seeing even a fraction of it), we finally arrived back in Tassie yesterday..
We caught the Tasmania TT Lines ship home and it was smooth sailing all the way.  The ship is not huge in the entertainment section by any means yet I still managed to get lost trying to find a hot chocolate drink lol..

I loved our trip though did have some moments when I thought I want to go home not because of home sickness but because of breakdowns and things needing to be fixed, travel is after all not without its drawbacks sighh. Which is a bummer really as that is what I think of first as I looked back on the trip and not all the wonderful thing we had seen and done.  My son Saul said at least its a trip you wont forget and as to that he is spot on..

Anyways enough about that for the moment let me show you some wonderful pictures I had taken then I will get on to showing you what I created on the road.. Some places just blew my mind and others I thought WTH is with that and others again just WOW.

just a taste of the thousands of photos I have yet to go through and place in their folders.. 

Donna xx

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