Friday, 26 August 2016

Saying Hello !!!

Hi, just popped in to say Hi.. Its been awhile since I have done so. A lot has been going on and I have so totally been slack keeping up with this blog.. I wonder why I have it sometimes and I have a facebook page that has all my creative stuff on it.. I guess its because I can place anything here on the blog and no one hardly sees it so I become more relaxed; slack but relaxed lol.
I am going to be a grandmother and a great grandmother again so that's exciting..

I have a fear of flying and have to seriously drug myself out to get on a plan, but I plan on flying to Brisbane to see my son and the grandsons.. NOT looking forward to the plane trip but am so excited to see the boys. I have missed them terribly..

I have done some crafting though not a lot but will place some on here anyway just in case anyone would like to see them..

Thanks for checking in, be safe out there...

Donna xx

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