Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Oh Crafty Things, I Love You So - AVSC


Oh My, where do I start on this subject..
There are so many wonderful things I love and cannot do without,
So I thought I would do a list of 10 of them...
1... The one thing on top of my list is without doubt is my Tweezers..
Yes I know you will say What!! plain old tweezers?
and I will say, But they are the one thing I cannot do with out and the reason
is simple; I have a bung hand and it just plain ol refuses
to work on some days so my tweezers become my right hand
(so to speak) lol..

Actually this photo looks a bit creepy lol...
2... Would have to be my Cutterpede.

I am not sure what I would do without this tool...
I mean can you cut straight, I know I can't, not even with a pencil line..
I use this for all my measurements as well..
I have tried heaps of other cutters and in fact own a huge one, but this
is the one I always go back to and the one I pack to take away with me..
3... My Cuttlebug would be in this position.

I own several machines - Big Shot, Cut and Boss, Grand Calibre and more,
but it is this little green machine that I love using.
It is convenient, the sides folds up, the handle folds down
and the crank handle folds in...

The trick with the plates is
that every time you use them, turn them over so you keep the bend to
a minimum.. and yes, my plates have had tons of use
and yes, they are as dirty as all heck lol..

4... Oh no worries on this one, it is my Tombow Liquid Glue..

LOVE this stuff, it is my go to for tons of project.
It doesn't wrinkle the paper YAH!!, it sticks most things together
and you have just enough time to adjust before it dries.
Oh did I mention it also dries clear.. A Bonus!! 
Can you tell I like this stuff lol... 
5... Mmmm, that would be my Notebooks for sure..

I so have dozens of these... I write it all down
as I am a visual kind of person. I can go back to them time and time again
and for some reason (I don't have a clue lol) I always use a pencil to write with..
And the other thing I do is, when I create something I give it a score out of 10
and make notes.. how hard it was, what I should have done, that kind of stuff..

The only trouble with this system is I have to go thru all the books
to find what I am after lol.. Part of my resolutions this year
is to work out a better system, not in changing the notebooks
but in the actual index of them..

And don't forget my Camera, where would I be without it..
I take photos of everything. I think I have 10.000 photos of the grandkids
and my hubby.. And I love abstract stuff, I consider it art but my hubby
always ask what is it and reckons I'm not quite right lol...
What do you think..

Rusted tin - I loved the sun shining on the speckled rust and the way the tin
was like a concertina style..
A tree stump that looked like a parrot to me.. Can you see it!!

6... Yep definitely my Ink Pads and Daubers.

What on earth would I do without Memento Tuxedo Black and
my Distress Inks by Ranger, oh and my Versamark!!
and don't forget the sponges and daubers and my 'ghosts'..
I use them for stamping, inking around edges, backgrounds, the list is endless.

My favourite colour: Victorian Velvet..
I really don't know why, as I am so not a feminine person, but I
love this colour. Haven't you all noticed that I use a Pinkish colour on
my headings a lot lol...

7... My favourite Ruler is from Tim Holtz, love it.

Who doesn't love the products from Mr Tim Holtz..
If you are ever stuck on a masculine card, just get some of his products out
and voila you have a project.. I love the ruler simply because of four things.

a. It is clear and lets you see where to place it.
b. It has grid lines so you can place it exactly where you want to cut
or draw a line.
c. It has a steel edge, so you don't cut into the ruler when using a blade.
d. You can use the holes in the ruler as a guide to place
holes in your project; for an example, a border.   
What is there not to love...

8... My Hole Pick

Do you know the amount of things you can do with this
tool!!  You can poke holes in things to add brads, or flower centres, or
get the fiddly bits out of a die, or take off the backs of tapes, or
place bling on a project.. There are tons of things you can use the humble pick for..
Another great tool I cannot do without at all..
9... Ohhh, cant forget my Photo Box Thingy

My great friend Mava, who is a camera/photo nut by the way and Artist;

(This is a favourite photo of mine that I took over in WA so she painted
it as a gift for me in oils.. I love it...)

Gave me one of the best presents any friend has ever given me and that was a
hand made photo booth for my cards..  She took four canvas's and joined
them together to make the booth.. I am going to make a bigger one for
off the page projects, and my bigger projects..
(I hope she reads this, hint hint)
10... Not the last, as many more I have thought of but for this
number I have chosen the Scissors from Tim Holtz.

Oh my, these are the best scissors you can buy.
They cut through anything, and I mean anything..
Tin, button shanks, cord, plastic, you name it. I love these scissors..
They have a soft grip and are large enough to actually place you fingers in
without getting squished. A wonderful product..

And of course I will include my Computer in this list as
one of my favourite items...

Not only does it allow me to write these posts
but it opened up a whole new world for this old fart...
I used to think the world was this massive thing that I would never see except on
television, now I think the world, while beautiful is now a small place..

It is what is in the world that now makes it gigantic.
Let me explain: What you knew of the world was read in a book or you might have seen things on television, now you get to see the intricate workings..

The Internet has opened up this alternate world where you can SEE how things are made, you can instantly talk to someone a continent away while
watching them cook tea.. You can talk and see someone while they float in space.
You can create a gorgeous project and let them see in the here and now on how
you did it.. They can be talking to you while you work..

And it lets you, the person with the computer, have control on what you see,
on what you do and on what you want to learn.

Don't you love Youtube, Pinterest, Google and the many other place you
can search and it also allows people see you, to see what you can do.

And the thing I love about the computer is it shows you that you
can choose to never be alone...

Oh My Goodness, I did go and a huge spiel didn't I, ok maybe the computer should
have been my very favourite tool of all time lol...

Well I hope I didn't bore you too much with all this, I wanted
to show you my favourite things I love in the world of

Take care out there people and have a ball creating wonderful lushness ..

Donna xx

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